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Are you after the ideal Houston, Texas best car accident law firm attorneys? At Hughes Matthews Legal Group, we connect plaintiffs with experienced attorneys and help them seek their rightful compensation fast. Our practice areas include personal injuries, auto accidents, and workers’ compensation, among other services.

Do I need to report the car accident to my insurance company?

There are no specific laws for policyholders facing a car accident about reporting a crash to their insurance company. It’s the automobile insurance contract that requires the injured to report the car accident to the insurance agency. The sooner you inform your insurer, the faster they can begin the investigation process.

If you fail to report your accident within an acceptable period, your insurer may deny coverage for your crash. Typically, a “reasonable period” time can be 1-2 days after the car accident, depending upon the circumstances of your collision.

Comparative negligence rule in Texas car accidents

If the other driver has caused the situation, they will need to compensate you for your medical bills, lost income, and additional losses you’ve suffered. The state of Texas follows a modified comparative fault.

If you share some fault for the accident, the jury will calculate two aspects: the total amount of your damages and the percentage of fault shared by each party. The jury will reduce your award by the extent of your liability and provide you with the remaining compensation. Speak to one of the best Houston lawyers to learn more about how the statute of limitation applies to your situation.

What makes us better and different than other Houston injury lawyers/law firms?

While a workplace injury or a slip and fall accident can be scary, hiring an experienced Houston TX personal injury can help you recover reasonable compensation for your injuries. Here are some of the qualities that set us apart from other Houston TX motorcycle accident law firm:

  1. Professionalism – Our panel of lawyers is highly professional and is easily accessible and available for your doubts, concerns, and queries. More importantly, we try to be honest and straightforward with our clients rather than setting unrealistic expectations.
  2. Experience – All our attorneys possess several years of experience in handling personal injury in Houston and have helped plaintiffs recover millions of dollars in compensation. We stand by clients during negotiations and protect their rights as best we can. Should a case go to trial, we help our clients get reasonable compensation as fast as we can.
  3. Record of success – Our attorneys have a successful track record in winning personal injury cases. Our proven track record vouches for the quality of our legal services and our injury attorneys’ expertise.

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Houston Texas best car accident law firm attorneys