Candice M. Bond

Bond Legal Group
Attorney Licensed in California, Illinois, Tennessee, Texas, Washington
Candice M. Bond is the Managing Partner of Bond Legal PC. In 2008, she founded the firm, which has been rebranded to fulfill her nationwide mission to help and assist victims across the US who suffer from catastrophic injuries caused by negligent, irresponsible parties. Candice was raised by her single mother in Louisiana. When she was just 8, Candice and her mother were in a serious car accident and her mother suffered life-changing injuries. She witnessed how someone else’s negligence can alter the course of a family forever. She questioned the intentions of the attorneys involved and quickly learned how insurance companies have motives too. From her family’s tragedy, Candice realized early in life that people need lawyers who genuinely care about their lives and their tragedies. She now guides Bond Legal as a national catastrophic legal advocacy and philanthropist. The firm represents and protects catastrophic injured clients throughout the country. Fighting for catastrophically injured victims gives Candice meaning and the fuel to fight even harder. She knows that the moment a family is faced with a catastrophic injury their lives are instantly changed forever, whether the injury is fatal or permanently disabling. She understands how their jobs, marriages and future are impacted. She knows how these families face financial devastation from medical bills and a loss of income. This is the fight Candice has passionately battled for, as a child and as the leader of Bond Legal. She lives her life as an advocate for every single person she takes on as a client. However, Candice cannot help some victims legally. The negligent party may not have insurance or enough insurance to cover the damages they created. Or, they may not have enough assets to cover a loss. Candice ensures that Bond Legal continues its catastrophic philanthropy on a national scale, providing relief with donations, scholarships and pro bono legal services. When Candice is not advocating for her clients, she loves spending time with her son, Justice Bond.