Car Accident Lawyers

How Much Does it Cost?

In many cases the accident lawyer will take his or her fee from your insurance settlement. This relieves you from having to pay attorney fees when you’ve got so many other accident related expenses.

In instances where you must pay the lawyer out of pocket, most work by the hour or for a flat rate. Around $1,500 is a very common price point for a series of legal services. Many attorneys have flat rates of far less while others may be higher. Your cost will probably depend on how complex your case is and how much work it will require. It’s perfectly OK to ask an attorney up front what their fee will be.

What Questions Should You Ask Your Attorney Before Hiring Them?

Many legal professionals will provide a no-cost initial consultation. There you are free to ask any questions you like. Look for law school diplomas on the wall. No doubt your attorney needs to be a member of the bar in your state.

Ask about their years of experience, if the lawyer specializes in personal injury or mostly works on other issues, the number of auto cases they have worked on, and any other question that can shed light on their expertise.

Many will provide testimonials from other clients. Above all, know the vast majority of attorneys are hard working professionals who are dedicated to providing honest, valuable service.

Things to Think About After an Accident

Be patient. While your attorney may be able to get a much quicker response and settlement from insurance companies, court cases can take time to resolve. During that time, stay in touch with your attorney. If he or she does not update you every month, check in to make sure your case is moving along as planned.

It may take a few days after an accident before you have time to locate an attorney. During that time, try to get a copy of the police report, reports from doctors, photos of injuries while they are still new, and photos of any other damages.

When talking to a personal injury attorney, be as honest and fair as you can about what happened. Coloring the story to help your position won’t help your attorney represent you well.

Laws have been created to protect you in the event of an accident. Your attorney can be your best friend in helping you negotiate the legal landscape while getting a great settlement and resolution that benefits you and your family.

Injured from an Accident?

Personal Injury

When accidents happen they can be life changing. Make sure you’re protected and fully able to recover all damages by working with a local personal injury attorney.


Auto Accidents

Don’t let insurance companies trick you into taking less than what you deserve. Vehicle collision cases are quickly handled if you have done the right preparation. Don’t delay and call today.


Worker’s Compensation

Workplace injuries are common and in many situations employers simply aren’t helpful. Nothing should ever be prioritized above your health. We’ll make sure you get the settlement that you deserve.


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