Garden City Car Accident Lawyers

If you've been involved in an auto accident, it is critical that you contact an attorney immediately.

Car Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been injured recently in a car accident in New York, it’s important to act fast. Insurance companies will resort to every last tactic to pay you as little as possible, and that includes getting confusing phone calls regarding your auto accident. Getting immediate legal representation in these situations is critical for calculating damages for a settlement and ensuring a sufficient compensation amount for your auto accident claim. Call us now and get an opinion on your current situation. Hundreds of millions of dollars in car accident settlements have been recovered for those who have been injured, and we can help you. Don’t wait – get in touch with us today to learn more about your options.

If you or a loved one have been injured from any of the following car accidents you need to speak with an auto accident attorney immediately about your injury and claims.

Garden City Truck Accident Attorneys

If you find yourself in a truck accident, the first step is to call the police and request a report. This document can be a crucial piece of evidence in your case. Make sure to collect as much information as you can, including photos of the scene and your injuries. Be careful with what you say to the other driver or their insurer, as anything you say could impact your claim. Do not even say sorry, because that may have an impact. It is absolutely critical to allow your attorney to speak on your behalf at all times.

Truck accidents are often more complicated than car accidents, with many parties involved. That’s why it’s essential to have an experienced legal team on your side. It’s important to work with attorneys who have a deep understanding of the specifics regarding 18 wheelers, average settlements and trucking law, who can also help you identify all responsible parties, investigate the accident, and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Don’t let a truck accident ruin your life. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how we can help you move forward. We’re here to advocate for you and make sure you’re treated fairly.

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We connect you with top notch, versatile and knowledgeable personal injury attorneys nationwide.


We make sure you have your story straight and that you will be able to move forward with hiring a lawyer. Our procedure here eliminates the guesswork and you’ll have the full picture right away.


We’ll connect you in many cases within a few minutes with an experienced local attorney for your personal injury, auto accident, and workers comp settlement claims.


Rest easy knowing you’ve done your best to prepare for your claim and that your lawyer will defend you and help you win against insurance companies and the opposing party.

Recent Car Accident & Personal Injury Settlements

Our partners have successfully recovered hundreds of millions in settlements. Some recent results are shown here:

Deborah N
Hwy 101 Obrien Rd. Accident time 8a.m. Client was heading EB on Hwy 101 in lane # 1 of 2 lanes. The hwy intercepts with Olympic hwy. Def. was on Olympic Hwy facing Sb she has a stop sign but blows right through it crossing all 4 lanes on hwy 101. Our client sees the def. and attempts to evade the accident but she t-bones def. Def. was on Olympic Hwy facing Sb she has a stop sign but blows right through it crossing all 4 lanes on hwy 101. Our client sees the def. and attempts to evade the accident but she t-bones def.
$210,000 Recovered
Melvin F
Soft tissue case where client had a surgery rec prior to accident but we argued accident made worse. Ultimately client didn't want to get surgery- has a lot of other health issues.
$175,000 Recovered
Harold W
Texas Case, Client and friend were on the shoulder lane because their vehicle had broken down when DEF hit our client/a pedestrian. PC was rushed to the hospital and TCR was made. Friend passed away at the scene.
$160,000 Recovered
Jose V
Client was an major SI but homeless, but almost a dropped. Had to use resident relative to get policy tender
$125,000 Recovered
Beatrice W
Client was 85 year old at the time of accident, developed pain in her left shoulder, left knee and low back. Treated conservatively, had injections to low back - had to file to get the limits.
$115,000 Recovered
Teresa V
Very bad t-bone accident. Client was out of work for 3 months. Over 90K in medical bills with three injections
$100,000 Recovered
Miguel D
Client was heading home on Hall Road when defendant crossed over the double yellow line and hit our client head on. Our client sustained an ankle fracture and an emergency surgery was performed when he got to the hospital.
$100,000 Recovered
Francisco P
DEF crossed the center lane and slammed headfirst into the vehicle in which Mr. Perez was a passenger. That DEF found to be the cause of the collision by investigating officers who noted she was in violation of RCW §46.61.100 by failing to drive in the right half of the roadway.
$100,000 Recovered
Benjamin W
Ambulance, Emergency Room, was driving work vehicle, tear in right wrist, and injured low back, shoulder and neck and headaches.
$100,000 Recovered
Pablo A
Client had elbow fracture, Lacerations to the face, and records showed loss of consciousness
$100,000 Recovered
Vonna M
Client was at a complete stop in traffic when she rear-ended. by a truck who was going approximately 40 miles per hour. Client was taken to the emergency room in an ambulance, was placed in a neck brace and did physical therapy for over 3 months. She had over $40,000 in medical bills.
$100,000 Recovered
Jeus M
Client had injection rec but didn't get, explained still in pain etc. Pushed diagnosis of post concussion syndrome.
$100,000 Recovered
Taylor G
Wrongful death. Was a passenger on the back of boyfriend's motorcycle. Motorcylce crashed into mini and both were ejected and crashed into the minivan
$100,000 Recovered
Jessica D
According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, a 2005 Chrysler Town & Country van was headed south on U.S. Highway 69. At the same time, a 2017 Land Rover was northbound. The van crossed the centerline of the highway and collided with the Land Rover.
$100,000 Recovered
How does the statute of limitations affect my case if I choose a car accident lawyer in Garden City?

In New York State, the statute of limitations for filing personal injury claims arising from a car accident is three years from the date of the accident or one year from the date of discovery of a personal injury or illness caused by the accident. This means that if you choose to seek legal representation for your claim, you will need to file the action within three years; otherwise, your legal right to pursue compensation may be forfeited. While there are some exceptions to this rule, having an experienced car accident lawyer in Garden City who is familiar with the applicable laws can help ensure that you meet these deadlines and maximize your chances of obtaining maximum compensation. In addition, an experienced attorney can help identify other sources of recovery and craft a viable strategy for pursuing your case in court.

What is the fee structure for a car accident lawyer in Garden City?

The fee structure for a car accident lawyer in Garden City depends on the specific circumstances of each case. Generally speaking, attorneys will often charge either an hourly rate, a flat-fee, or work on a contingency basis depending on the complexity of the case and the amount of time (and resources) they expect to invest.

An hourly rate is typically the most common fee arrangement for car accident cases. The attorney will bill for every hour spent working on the case based on their own hourly rate which varies from firm to firm. It’s beneficial if you anticipate your attorney needing to dedicate a limited number of hours to your case.

A flat-fee arrangement is a one-time payment that covers all services the attorney provides related to your case. This may be more cost-effective in situations where you don’t anticipate extensive legal work being required.

Finally, some attorneys may agree to take cases “on contingency” whereby their payment comes from any settlement or judgement you acquire through litigation or other means. In other words, they get paid only when you do. If you lose, then typically no fees are collected. Make sure you understand what portion of any settlement/judgement your attorney will retain in this scenario up front before anyone agrees to work together.

What qualifications should I look for when choosing a car accident lawyer in Garden City?

When choosing a car accident lawyer in Garden City, it is important to look for qualifications such as experience, knowledge, and a successful track record. Experience should be the first and most important qualification you consider when selecting a lawyer. Ideally, you should look for someone who has extensive experience dealing specifically with car accidents. Make sure to ask about the lawyer’s experience with similar cases to yours.

Knowledge is another crucial quality to consider. The best lawyers are up to date on changes in the laws and regulations related to car accidents. They should also have knowledge of the particular laws that apply in your jurisdiction. Ask potential lawyers about their knowledge and make sure they show a clear understanding of car accident laws and regulations.

Finally, make sure to inquire about their track record. How many cases have they successfully handled? What kind of outcomes did they get in those cases? A successful track record is a good indication that the lawyer will do everything possible to ensure your case is resolved successfully.

By considering a car accident lawyer’s qualifications in experience, knowledge, and success rate, you can increase the chances that your case will be handled efficiently and effectively.

The insurance company is offering me a ridiculously low amount to settle.
What do I do?

Do not settle, or sign anything. Don’t even talk to them if you can help it. Avoid their phone calls until you can speak with an attorney about your situation. All conversations between you and the insurance company are recorded and can be used as evidence for your claim. One word can jeopardize your entire case. It is common for insurance companies to resort to these off-putting tactics to squeeze every nickel and dime from you. Don’t fall for their trap, call us today!

The opposite party is at fault but doesn't have any auto insurance.
What's the best course of action here?

If the other party involved in the car accident does not have auto insurance, you may still be able to receive compensation for your injuries through other means. Here are some options:

File a claim with your own insurance company: If you have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, you may be able to file a claim with your own insurance company to cover your damages.

File a lawsuit: You can file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver to seek compensation for your injuries. However, keep in mind that if the driver doesn’t have insurance, they may not have the financial resources to pay a settlement or judgement.

Seek compensation from other sources: If the at-fault driver was working at the time of the accident, their employer may be liable for your injuries. Additionally, if the accident was caused by a defect in the vehicle or the road, you may be able to seek compensation from the manufacturer or government entity responsible.

It’s important to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney who can advise you on the best course of action based on the specifics of your case.

How do I calculate pain and suffering from my injuries in an accident?

It is of utmost importance to make sure you have a clear paper trail of all medical visits and interactions. Without this, it will be a lot more difficult prove your injuries. If you are in a situation where you are in pain or are suffering, don’t ever delay seeking medical assistance and getting a record of your situation. Calculating pain and suffering damages is a complex process, and there is no set formula or calculation for determining the amount of compensation you may be entitled to for your injuries. However, there are several factors that can be considered when determining the value of your pain and suffering damages, including:

  1. The severity of your injuries: The more severe your injuries, the higher the potential value of your pain and suffering damages.
  2. The duration of your recovery: The longer it takes for you to recover from your injuries, the higher the potential value of your pain and suffering damages.
  3. The impact of your injuries on your daily life: If your injuries have affected your ability to perform daily tasks or enjoy activities you once enjoyed, this can increase the potential value of your pain and suffering damages.
  4. The emotional impact of your injuries: If your injuries have caused you emotional distress, such as anxiety or depression, this can increase the potential value of your pain and suffering damages.
  5. Your age, occupation, and lifestyle: These factors can also be considered when determining the value of your pain and suffering damages.

It’s important to note that pain and suffering damages are typically awarded as part of a larger settlement or judgement that also includes compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. Consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney can help you better understand the potential value of your pain and suffering damages and ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

Is it possible to receive a settlement for time lost at work?

Yes, it is possible to receive a settlement for time lost at work as a result of a car accident. If you are unable to work due to your injuries, you may be entitled to compensation for lost wages as part of a settlement or judgement.

To determine the amount of compensation you may be entitled to for lost wages, your attorney will typically calculate your total earnings and subtract any income you earned during the time you were unable to work due to your injuries. This can include any sick time, vacation time, or other benefits you used during that period.

In addition to lost wages, you may also be entitled to compensation for any future lost earning capacity if your injuries prevent you from returning to your previous job or pursuing other career opportunities.

It’s important to keep accurate records of your time off work, including any medical documentation and communications with your employer, to support your claim for lost wages. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you navigate the process of pursuing compensation for lost wages and other damages resulting from a car accident.

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