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Divorce Lawyer Frisco Texas

Divorce in Frisco, TX, can be a long and challenging process. Fortunately, collaborative divorce can make the process easier by taking out the court’s decision. The goal is to help both the departing couple move forward with the best outcomes. If you need a collaborative divorce lawyer in Frisco, TX, contact Hargrave Family Law.

What Is Collaborative Divorce?

A collaborative divorce is a peaceful dispute resolution process where both parties work and collaborate on a resolution. It works well for a divorcing couple who believe they can work together without going to court. This allows them to avoid courtroom conversations and take steps to reach a common ground. Departing couples will use a combination of negotiation and mediation to reach an agreement. 

What Is The Collaborative Divorce Process?

To start, both the departing couple will need to hire an attorney who is experienced in the collaborative process. This attorney will then assist their clients in building a professional team, including the attorney, coaches, child specialists, and financial specialists.

The goal is to help both parties to move forward with the best relationship. The team and the parties meet together with their attorneys to discuss the issues and resolve them amicably. Divorcing partners are more likely to work together to find common ground by agreeing that the court is not an option.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Our Collaborative Divorce Lawyer?

At Hargrave Family Law, our collaborative divorce lawyers in Frisco, TX, offer numerous benefits. We aim to provide the best solution to family issues, both during and after the divorce. Some of the benefits of using our Frisco TX collaborative lawyers include:

Less expensive

Collaborative divorce eliminates the need for the court process. Both parties agree to provide their information with collaborative divorce. This saves your lawyer money and time.

Team of experts

Collaborative divorce is the only option that provides you with a team of experts who are always there to help you.

High level of confidentiality

Collaborative divorce avoids court proceedings because every paper you file in a court proceeding is public. With collaborative divorce, any paperwork filed is kept confidential.

Healthier relationship after divorce

When both parties aren’t fighting each other in court and agree on divorce terms, this means healthier relationships after divorce.

More peaceful than going to court

Our collaborative divorce can help you avoid the stressful difficulties caused by divorce cases.

No going to court

There is no need to going to court since the departing couple has created the divorce agreement together. Issues like child support, parenting time, and more are settled without going to court.

We Can Help With Collaborative Divorce  

At Hargrave Family Law, we have a great team of legal and communication professionals that can help you overcome this difficult time. Our Collaborative Lawyers are dedicated to identifying and articulating your interests and goals. If you’re unsure whether a collaborative Divorce Lawyer Frisco Texas is right for you, please call us today at 214-420-0100 for a free divorce consultation.

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