Car Accident Lawyer Spokane Washington

Finding an experienced car accident lawyer in Spokane, Washington, can often be a tedious process. While victims deal with the pain and trauma of recovering from an auto accident, we, at Hughes Matthews Legal Group, help our clients find the right attorney to handle their cases.

Steps to take after a car accident

While you may be in a great deal of shock and panic after an accident, it is critical to take a few steps after an accident to optimize your chances of recovering reasonable compensation. Here are a few things to do right after an auto accident to protect your rights:

  1. Call 911 if you or any of the members involved in the accident are injured. Make sure to call the police to report your accident. Take pictures of the accident scene, the vehicles involved in the collision, and your injuries.
  2. Exchange your contact information with the other driver/drivers involved in the accident and stay at the accident scene until the police arrive. 
  3. Do not disclose any other information besides your contact information. Refrain from saying sorry or anything else that could hurt your chances of recovering compensation.

Seek medical help for your injuries and preserve all the treatment bills. Call an attorney at the earliest to help you with the claims process.

Washington car accident statute of limitations

Statute of limitations refers to the strict time limit set by the state for claimants to bring on a lawsuit to court. The statute of limitations for car collisions in Washington is three years from the collision date, after which plaintiffs lose their right to bring on a lawsuit against the at-fault party.

If your accident results in someone’s death, you must file a claim against the at-fault party within three years from the date of the death. Failing to file a claim within the deadline can cause the defendant to point out the discrepancy to the court, and the court may dismiss your case. Speak to an attorney to understand how the statute of limitation applies to your auto accident situation.

How we help clients after a car accident?

Working with a car accident lawyer in Spokane, Washington, can prove beneficial in multiple ways, including:

  • We can investigate all the contributing factors to your accident and gather valuable evidence for your case.
  • Our attorney can liaise with your treatment provider, and gather, organize, and compile medical documentation and bills, and build a strong case on your behalf.
  • An attorney can take care of the negotiations with the insurance adjuster.
  • Our experienced accident attorney can assess the value of your claim and make sure that you receive reasonable compensation from the at-fault party.
  • Our car accident attorney can help you determine all the responsible parties for your accident and teach you what to expect in your injury claim.

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Car Accident Lawyer Spokane Washington