Car Accident Attorney Personal Injury Lawyer Galveston Texas

Our Galveston personal injury attorneys help accident victims get compensation for injuries and losses due to negligence. Unfortunately, serious, life-changing accidents occur in Texas many times. No matter where you live, we ensure you get the help you need to go back to your regular life. Please contact our personal injury in Galveston, TX, lawyer to discuss your case if you suffer severe injuries during an accident.

Why You Need Us for Your Personal Injury Case

Hughes Mathews Legal Group has a reputation for helping people wrongfully injured. Our Galveston TX motorcycle accident law firm has many years of experience helping Texas residents get compensation for injuries. In addition, we take up any case without favor or fear of high-profile situations and large corporations. 

Quick Compensation

The person who hits you with a car or motorcycle should be held accountable. We ensure that you receive medical treatment and all your injuries are covered. In severe injuries such as death, disfiguration, fracture, loss of pregnancy, or disability, we ensure that you get justice. We do not want your case drag for years; we take instant action and ensure you are compensated ASAP.


Suffering an accident is hard on anyone and can reduce your financial capabilities. We work on your case and only take payment when our car accident attorney in Galveston lawyers has won you a settlement. Our contingency payment is standard; there are no hidden fees or extra expenses charged. What we quote is what you pay.

Excellent Reputation

It is hard to last in a business unless you are doing a good job. We have been in the industry for many years. Our track record speaks for itself. With the best Galveston TX lawyerswe have won more millions of dollars in settlements. We aim to help you live comfortably after your accident, which is why we work towards getting the highest compensations for our clients.

Excellent Communication

We maintain excellent communication with our clients. One way to ensure you are on your path of recovery is when someone else is handling your affairs. We share progress reports every step of the way. Our lawyers will tell you what you need to know and not what you want to hear.


Personal injury law cases are complicated and challenging to prove unless you have an experienced attorney. Insurance companies have no regard for you and can undervalue your injury claims to save money. Hiring us to correspond with your insurer on your behalf prevents them from giving you lowball offers.

We calculate the value of your claim by involving medical evaluations, discovering the impact of injuries on your future, and getting expert opinions. In case your injuries need additional and extensive treatment, we add them to the compensation claim. We get you hefty compensation to take care of all of you and your family’s needs.

 No matter how complicated it seems, we do not give up on your case. Our lawyers do not stop until you are satisfied with the outcome.

Please contact Hughes Mathews Legal Group if you have been injured and request your free consultation: 888-386-2401

Car Accident Attorney Personal Injury Lawyer Galveston Texas