Auto Accident Lawyer Car Personal Injury Attorney Rochester New York

With over twenty years of experience in legal matters, Hughes Matthews Legal Group connects victims with experienced and qualified lawyers to help them move on with life. We can help you connect with one of the best auto accident lawyers car personal injury attorney in Rochester, New York, and help you seek justice and rightful compensation for your losses.

Can a personal injury lawyer increase my payout?

Data indicates that those who worked with one of the best Rochester lawyers received an average settlement of $77,000. Alternatively, those without an attorney received a payout of less than $20,000.

How long do personal injury claims take to resolve

Over 50% of claimants receive a payout within 11 – 12 months of their accident. Close to 30% of the victims wait for over a year to receive a settlement or court award. Working with a legal professional can help you receive reasonable compensation within a short duration.

When should I hire a car accident attorney in Rochester?

You should hire an attorney for personal injury in Rochester, NY, if:

  • You suffered severe injuries in the accident.
  • The at-fault party’s insurer is being unreasonable or not offering rightful compensation for your injuries.
  • You are unable to value your claim’s worth and have trouble determining liability.

We recommend our clients speak to an attorney immediately after an accident to receive guidance on what to do next. 

Who should I discuss my case with?

You must not discuss the details of your auto accident with anyone but your Rochester personal injury and treatment providers. Even if you talk to your insurance company to pay your medical bills, you must first speak to an attorney before approaching your insurance company or signing anything.

What to do after you a car accident?

Seek medical help if you or anyone involved in the accident is injured. Call the police and report the accident. Exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver/drivers involved in the collision. Call a Rochester, New York motorcycle accident law firm to guide you on the steps to take next.

Why should you call us after an auto accident?

Calling us after an accident can relieve you from the burden of dealing with the legal aspects of your accident and allow you time to focus on your injuries and the healing process. We can take care of contacting the at-fault party for you, gathering evidence, negotiating with the insurers, and helping you recover the maximum compensation for your losses.

What are the legal processes involved after an accident?

Some of the typical procedures include:

  1. Speak to an attorney and file a claim for your property damage or physical injuries
  2. Negotiations take place between you and the at-fault party’s insurer.
  3. If they do not agree to a reasonable payout, you or your attorney can file a lawsuit in court.

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Auto Accident Lawyer Car Personal Injury Attorney Rochester New York